Sponge-Jet Surface Preparation

Fibron is the authority in asset protection. Reduce maintenance downtime by learning about Sponge-Jet.

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Clients that use Sponge-Jet

Client who use Sponge Jet

Sponge-Jet Introduction

Learn about what makes Sponge-Jet the most versatile and innovative abrasive blasting system.

What is Sponge-Jet Technology.

Sponge-Jet is a surface preparation system that utilizes abrasive infused polyurethane to provide a dustless blasting experience.


Dustless Blasting

Remove up to 99% of dust and rebounds with Sponge Media.

Media Recycling Rate

Recycle the material you use and minimize your expenses.

Unique Media Selections

Select the media with the perfect amount of grit for your project.

Example of Sponge Jet Applications

Sponge-Jet Advantage

  • Enhanced visibility and first pass quality
  • Improved community relations
  • Other trades can work nearby
  • Less downtime, improved asset availability
  • Less eye and other injuries
  • Easy to operate in confined spaces
  • Coatings perform longer
  • Easier staging, containment and clean up
  • Lower fugitive emissions
  • Less pollution generated, fines and reporting
  • Less worker exposure
  • Fewer reworks, keeping project on schedule
  • Low inbound and outbound freight
  • Less waste, disposal and material handling

System Components

Feed Unit

Feed Units

Designed to offer maximum range of capabilities and features to accommodate every application.



Recyclers are used to separate dust, broken down paint and other materials from reusable Sponge Media™ abrasives.

Blasting Media


Sponge-Jet has engineered a line of composite abrasives, incorporating the best abrasives or micro-abrasive particles within high-performance synthetic sponge.

How does Sponge-Jet eliminate dust contaminants?

Learn about the media!

Customized media for each application

Fibron offers 19 varieties of aggregate to provide the best results for every application.

custom applications for sponge

Compression on Impact

Compared to conventional sandblasting, sponge offers compression which absorbs up to 99% of rebounds and dust!


Using Sponge Jet recylers users can remove the contaminants from the media for use on another application.

Recycling material

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