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Lead abatement offers serious health hazards, and should be done by a professional. Every effort should be taken to contain contaminants.

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Lead abatement locations

What is Lead Abatement?

Lead abatement is the removal of lead pant and other toxic surface contaminants. Fibron utilizes dustless abrasive technology to safely and effectively remove lead & PCB without contaminating the surrounding area.

About the process

Step 1: Assessment

Collect the coating/paint and send it to the lab for testing. Assess the underlying surface to select the appropriate media to avoid damage when blasting.

Step 2: Equipment Selection

Once all the scope and safety details of the project are determined, our specialists will determine the appropriate Sponge-Jet blasting equipment to complete the project and mobilize.

Step 3: Demobilization

Once to project is complete we take care of the clean up and disposal of the toxic material.

Illustration of where lead can be found

Why do we use Sponge-Jet for Lead Abatement?

Sponge-Jet is a surface preparation system that utilizes abrasive infused polyurethane to provide a dustless blasting experience.


Dustless Blasting

Remove up to 99% of dust and rebounds with Sponge Media.

Media Recycling Rate

Recycle the materials you use and minimize your expenses.

Unique Media Selections

Select the media with the perfect amount of grit for your project.

Sponge-Jet applications

Clients that use Sponge-Jet

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